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Apollo broke the mold when they developed their electronic cigarettes. Their designers come from the electronics and tobacco industries, bringing with them knowledge of how to build electrical products and what consumers are looking for. They used their know-how to build a sturdy product to compete with the other ecigs made in China.

The Company Today

Right now, Apollo Ecigs are spread all over the country, sold in smoke shops and convenience stores. Their name comes up in Alabama and Arizona; South Dakota and Alaska; Hawaii and Delaware. The company’s Ecigs and eGos are also sold online. Find out more about Apollo products in this Apollo Ecigs review.

Mini Cigs by Apollo

First up is the mini cig, a cigalike that feels close to the weight of a cigarette. An Extreme Kit with two batteries, 5 packs of cartomizers, and both chargers plus a car adaptor costs $54.95. If this sounds reasonable, it is. The car adaptor is a nice touch too. It would be senseless to ask how many smokers used to light up in their cars. A personal vehicle was the only place left, unless they had kids, in which case it was probably the shed.

A second kit, the Standard (I think they have it around the wrong way) costs $69.95 and comes with the same items except for a PCC that takes the place of a car adaptor. A personal charging case is a vaper’s lifeline if she spends any amount of time away from an outlet (in the shed perhaps). If you are on your feet a lot, walk a fair bit, or travel plenty where there is no USB port or electrical outlet convenient, invest in this piece of equipment. You charge it at home, at the office, or your hotel, then put your battery inside with cartridges. The battery is charged while you get on with your day. A PCC also acts as a carry case.

The Superior eGo Kit by Apollo

This is the next phase: an eGo with 900mAh batteries. A lot of users will be astonished to enjoy so much power if they have vaped a mini cig for a long time. Many clients will take a transitional step to 400 or 650mAh batteries instead, but with an eGo unit you get all-day power. To ensure the device really lasts all day without causing any trouble, the kit comes with two CE4 clearomizers: lots of capacity right there. Ten milliliters of Apollo e-liquid is included in the customer’s choice of strength and flavor. Get this one for $69.95.

Being a tank, it automatically saves you money while also extending choices of flavors that are not available as cartridges from Apollo.

A VTube: A Sturdy Device

The VTube is sure to garner attention with its big 18650 battery. The kit for $119.95 features the tank, carry case, and a Trustfire charger. This durable item is made for heavy vaping.

Innovation in the Palm of Your Hand: ESlim

Your ESlim sits flat instead of rolling around like a cylinder. This problem besets a lot of vapers who do not use stands for their vaping equipment or put items away when not in use. They drop, something pops or cracks, and a unit has to be repaired or replaced. The flat “ESlim” ends this problem. A package contains two refillable clearomizer, chargers, two 350mAh batteries, and 10mls of liquid from Apollo. The price is $69.95: decent for a mini eGo.

Juice from Apollo

Some of the flavors will be listed here but visit the Apollo website for a full rundown of their choices. Each 10ml bottle costs $6.95, setting it above the cheapest but not into the boutique range of highly expensive products. Nicotine comes in values from 0 to 2.4%.

Try Classic Tobacco, Menthol, Clove, or Sahara in the tobacco category. RY4, a popular vanilla caramel tobacco, is also featured. In the category of drinks, you will find Cherry Limeade. For fruits, check out Baja Burst (citrus) and Mango Peach. Banana Cream is a dessert-style e-liquid.

Reviews are fairly positive for their flavors, throat hit, and vapor. In reference to pre-filled cartridges, vanilla got a thumbs-up for being the right balance of sweet and aromatic. Menthol was fresh and minty. Cherry would be good for a fruit lover. Coffee is authentic with nutty notes. These are just some impressions. Yours will reflect personal experiences with particular flavors, which are sometimes colored by experience for better or worse. Remember that if you buy bottled vapor juice, steep it to get the most out of a flavor. Unfavorable impressions are frequently caused by impatience.

Apollo ECigs: More about the Company

This company does everything itself. They make their own juice and build their own devices. Nothing is sent away for manufacturing. It is an all-American company with its own Research and Development facility and team.

Refer your friends to receive cash in your Apollo account for use on future orders. Your friends will also receive a discount on their first order, and your next order will be discounted as well.

Every 100 points you earns puts a dollar into your account. Spend, spend, spend, and save. Another way to make money is to write a testimonial, send one in with a photo, or video yourself giving a testimonial. I’m not sure if they publish negative or ambivalent reviews or pay to receive them, so this could be a bit of scheme to get good ratings. Just beware what you read.

Other opportunities include becoming an affiliate, selling Apollo Ecigs from home; buying their products wholesale to re-sell at your smoke shop; and becoming a sales rep for the company.

Apollo Flaws

There is just one small thing that stood out from the viewpoint of a smoker. Apollo Ecigs are a little bit heavy and long. They do not feel exactly like analogs because they have to be held differently or they lever themselves out from between your fingers. Apparently Apollo is not the only company with over-large vaping sticks, and it shouldn’t take much to get used to the slightly heavier stainless steel tube.