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By Greg Morrison

You will be in no doubt when you first see a Bull Smoke e cigarette. With its bull-face logo of a horned, ring-nosed, formidable looking animal, it could not be anything else. This logo turns up on every piece of equipment from the e cigs themselves to batteries and USB chargers.

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Bull SmokeBull Smoke products are known in the industry for producing thick-smoke, long lasting nicotine flavors. They are also unique for their two-part e cig which is easy to put together when compared with cigarettes that require one or two tiny extra parts.

Flavors of Nicotine

The trend among e cig manufacturers is to provide a mixture of traditional tobacco flavors and specialty flavors. Bull Smoke exposes a soft side in this way by providing customers with some of both in defiance of their rough and rugged image. Their website shows a disheveled looking cowboy with a rifle who would probably spit if you gave him fruity nicotine.

Choose grape or cherry for a fruit-filled experience. Opt for coffee or chocolate. Buy a mixture of nicotine cartridges and alternate if you cannot choose which one you like better. Select vanilla for a mellow treat or peppermint ice when you need a crisp pick-me-up. You can also opt for menthol in preference to one of three tobacco flavors.

Strong or Just Strong Flavor

The flavor will always be satisfying, but some electronic smokers are giving up nicotine. They just use e cigs to try and help them quit smoking the real thing, and they like how it feels to hold a thin tube in their fingers. The vapor draw reminds them of what they have given up, but is an adequate replacement for toxic cigarettes. In fact, it is probably even better without all of those chemicals interfering with the experience.

Doctors and scientists have yet to decide whether e smoking is truly safe or not, but there is one point you must remember if you buy and use these products: you can have nicotine in your e cigarette or do without it.

Strengths range from full flavored but 0% nicotine to full flavor and 2.4% nicotine which is listed on the Bull Smoke website as the equivalent to smoking a non-filtered cigarette. That is a major nicotine hit, so be warned.

Bull Smoke Products

Usually, an e cig company sells starter kits, but Bull Smoke calls them something else. For instance, they have a City Slicker kit and a Ranch Hand kit. Both of them contain numerous items to get you started e smoking.

These are things like several cigarettes plus batteries, a charger, and a USB charger. You can also buy products separately. So, if you want a car charger after trying and liking the products you are using, pick this up another time.

Choose your battery to alter the style and look of your e cig: from stubby (actually called a Stubby) to long and thin (the Kentucky) with a medium-length battery in between. Batteries also come with buttons so you can press them for more vapor. Battery colors are black, white, silver, and orange.