Choosing Your Electronic Cigarettes

You are most likely to come across e cigarettes online, which is an advantage. That means you have lots of time to browse different products and no pressure from a sales person. If you are new to electronic cigarettes, this gives you an opportunity to learn about the products, including starter kits and replacement items.

Read reviews of products at your leisure and compare prices between brands. Overall the concept is simple, but there are lots of things to learn at first.

What Are You Buying?

If you have ever heard of vaporizing and maybe explored that possibility, then you know what e cigs are essentially. They are very small vaporizers. One important element of their design is that they look like regular cigarettes, the kinds people light up with matches or lighters. Another important aspect of their creation is size: they are easily portable.

What Comes in a Kit?

When you first start smoking e cigs, you buy a starter kit. They range from small beginners’ kits to deluxe packages and couples’ kits with two of everything. A kit contains the most important items: a battery, a charger, nicotine cartridges, the e cig itself, and a manual. If you move up to larger sets, you get more nicotine and a case or cases for your e cigs. Extra items include more batteries or a car adaptor.

You will want a beginners’ kit if there is any doubt in your mind about a product or a brand. It is inexpensive (around $30, so compare that to a packet of cigarettes) and if you do not like the flavor or dislike the product in some way, there is little waste.

Flavors and Strengths

Cigarettes have flavors, although these are overshadowed by the toxic flavor of the chemicals you are puffing on. E cigarettes have flavor which not only taste clean but also smell good for anyone passing by.

They include traditional tobacco types (one brand sticks to just two of these and nothing else) including a menthol. Another brand chooses to get fancy with its flavors. There are sets of tobacco, menthol, and specialty flavors to select from including chocolate and coffee.

Nicotine levels come in as many as three strengths (from 0.6% to 1.8%) or you can elect to puff on flavor without the kick of nicotine. People who are trying to quit smoking might decrease from 1.8% to 0% over time as though weaning from a drug.

Advantages of E Smoking

When you light up a regular cigarette this is called “smoking,” and for good reason: you produce actual smoke which is the result of burning chemicals. Smoke forms into clouds of grayish-brown white. You inhale them, and so do people nearby. Even if they pass you on the street they can smell smoke on your clothes and in the air around you.

If you vaporize (smoke an e cigarette) you are not really “smoking.” You still hold a cigarette between your hands so the feel is authentic. It goes in your mouth and some e cigs light up at the end with an LED “flame.” You can even puff out rings, but they will be white clouds of vapor, not smoke.

These are produced by heating nicotine, not burning it. Instead of sucking burnt poison into your lungs, you are sucking back a bit of vapor. The rest is exhaled into the air for others to see, smell, and possibly enjoy. This is why e cigs are not banned.

Consumers might be unsure of what they are looking at but you can explain: this is not like smoking cigarettes and leaving butts all around. You are not poisoning the earth or the lungs of bystanders. You are also smoking nicotine, not marijuana. In fact, if you choose to, this is possibly a good way to try and break the habit of smoking altogether.