E Cigarette Comparison – Green Smoke vs V2 Cigs: Clash Of The Titans

Besides the title, there isn’t much more to say. An electronic cigarettes comparison video of V2 Cigs versus Green Smoke, where I vaped live to best articulate the differences between them as specifically as possible.

Look below this video for our reviews on both brands, and how to tap into some mega money savings with your vaping if you decide to take it up. They are both great e cigs, with some differences, though you can’t go wrong with either.

For the one most like a real cigarette, particularly like a Marlboro Red, V2 should do you well!



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If you’re looking to save some cash with your vaping, you’ll want to consider refill liquid. I did a quick demo on one way you can refill V2 cartridges with their e liquid, you can check that out here. V2 has a page on their site that you can find when you select any of their e liquids, and just scroll down.

We’re talking a massive savings, especially if you substitute vaping for real cigarettes.¬†Once you’re off the ground with a starter kit of your preferred brand and are in maintenance mode, you’re looking at less than a dollar a day on e juice if you refill your own.

Visit: greensmoke.com

Visit: v2cigs.com