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What do Columbus and Cincinnati have in common besides being cities in Ohio? They are also the two locations for Alt Smoke, an electronic cigarette store and online shop for e-smokers. Theirs is an all-purpose retail location as far as vapers go. They sell batteries, cartomizers, atomizers, chargers: you name it.

AltSmokeA Division of Skill

I love how starter kits are divided by the company in terms of your skill level. They are designated for Beginners, Intermediate Vapers, Advanced, and Mechanical Mod users, just in case you are not sure of what you need, or just because this makes shopping quicker.

If you know which category you fit into, then finding a product is simple. From there, locating parts to go with a device you already own or choose to buy is a piece of cake.

An e cig starter kit might be the eGo or Volt for beginners. Innokin SVD and Zmax V5 are good for intermediate vapers. Advanced vapers are directed to the Joye eVic and Silver Bullet. Mechanical Mods are things like the Alpha, Omega, and K100.

This kind of list is confidence boosting if you are wondering which of many e-tailers to give your business to. Alt Smoke has chosen reliable names, ones that tend to keep their own stock levels high so re-sellers can do the same. This is particularly true of Innokin and Joyetech.

More Stock

I looked through the site in search of brands and found Elite, Aspire, Vape Lab, and a few others. They sell T2 and T3 clearomizers, eVod clearomizers, Vape Lab Drip Tips, the Kick 2 and Kick Sleeve, Pyrex tanks, and DC tanks. A Nano 510 Clearo costs $2.99. A pack of 5 CE3 cartos from Elite, Bottom Coil, costs $9.99.

The Kick is a device that gives more power to your APV, a wonderful thing to have. It’s good to know where you can find one.

Alt Smoke Review

Both the Cincinnati and Columbus shops have been given really favorable reviews by consumers who found employees were friendly and knowledgeable. There was even an instance where one individual complained and the manager went out of his way to rectify the situation. He is now a devoted customer. Alt Smoke knows how to treat its customers.

The Columbus shop is really light and bright with big windows facing the road. Each location hosts a vaping “bar” where you can try vapor flavors before buying them. Bring in your equipment for some advice on how to use or rebuild it.

Ask for help with anything, or hang around and chat if it isn’t too busy. One piece of advice is that you avoid the place on Saturday afternoons when it gets pretty crazy. Otherwise, this could be your one-stop place to shop for e cig accessories and juice.

Like them on Facebook, by the way, and Alt Smoke will give you a 10% discount on your next purchase.

Alt Smoke Vapor Juice

It looks like Space Jam, Evo, and Nicquid are the juices of choice at Alt Smoke, so if you like those you will be a happy shopper. A bottle of Space Jam costs $22 (no size indicated) and comes in 0, 6, 12, or 24 milligrams of nicotine. Evo is $7.95 for 10mls, with just 0, 0.6%, and 1.8% choices for strength (a strange choice of strengths). Nicquid costs $4.89 for 5mls. These are not America’s cheapest liquids, but they are good quality juices.

Examples from Nicquid include Peach Limeade and Bahama Blizzard (from 0 to 1.8% nicotine). Spearmint is an Evo offering. Space Jam sells the Eclipse. Explore further: there are loads more.

More about Alt Smoke

Become an affiliate with Alt Smoke: you know what that means. Direct traffic to their site, and when you are connected to a sale, commission is added to your affiliate account. Rewards are also given to dedicated customers.