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The website for Aqua Vapor is one of my least favorite among all of the e cigarette websites I have seen because of its tiny font and fuzzy graphics. There is enough white space for the web designer to expand boxes of information and pictures. Although neatly compartmentalized, the dark blue of their images makes everything difficult to see. Contrast is poor. Each section is crammed, as though Aqua Vapor wanted to clean up so they stuffed everything into a drawer, or in this case, a box.

AquaVaporCig.comAn Aqua Vapor Review

But that does not say a lot about their products. This is an American company based in Broadway North Carolina. They were established in 2008 by a fellow vaping consumer, so are definitely not wet behind the ears.

That’s going back virtually to the beginning of electronic cigarettes. Being a vaper himself, the owner knows what people want from a vaping equipment e-tailer and has the less experienced vaper in mind.

Maybe this, and the company’s experience in this industry, will help you choose whom to do business with.

If the site is a little overwhelming, there is at least one fun element. A list of how many customers order from Aqua Vapor by state is updated to as recently as 2012 and shows which states have patronized Aqua Vapor the most. The total is over 79,000. Take a peek and see which states most customers come from.

Aqua Vapor Starter Kits

This is another all-in-one retailer providing Kits such as the ePipe starter ($79.95), RN4081 Starters and Pro Starters (both from $29.95), and 510 Starter Kits for $29.95 or $59.95. Selection is wide and begins with the very basics.

Aqua Vapor is the label on a number of items, including their starter kits. Although they aren’t as well known as V2 Cigs or Halo, the company is BBB-accredited and has won awards so that should give you some confidence in their mini cigs and in their customer service.

Products for the Typical Customer

Also on the list at Aqua Vapor are the basics and even disposable electronic cigarettes, always a good find online away from a brand as they tend to be cheaper this way. You don’t get a lot more selection from the brand names when it comes to disposable flavors, at least not usually, so why not pay half the usual bill?

Variable voltage units are also sold here, just so you know the company does not just cater to absolute beginners and barely-intermediate vapers. Joyetech products are in the catalogue. Skins and wraps bring some color and funkiness to the lineup and your virtual basket that usually contains practical stuff for maintaining your vaping devices and juice, of course.

Aqua Vapor sells items at retail prices and also provides wholesale pricing. Contact them online using their email form, drop them a line the old fashioned way, or call their 1-888 number for a chat. Aqua Vapor can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Shipping, by the way, is free for orders over $50. Watch out for their Deal of the Day too. Aqua Vapor stands behind a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with hardware, but e-liquid cannot be returned. Tastes are too personal.