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Clouds of Vapor claims to sell all of your personal vaping needs, and that’s no joke. What you will find, however, is that those needs are especially tailored to advanced vapers. In particular, consumers drawn to the Golden Greek line of mods will be moderately pleased.

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CloudsOfVaporStock at Clouds of Vapor

They will not be over the moon, however, because stock levels can be an issue with the Golden Greek at Clouds of Vapor. Their Ithaka, Penelope, etc., are popular but not produced for a mass market.

Thus, looking further into details of a product might reveal a “Notify Me!” label: in other words, they are out of stock. An example was the Ithaka Rebuildable Tank and associated parts. You might end up on a waiting list.

Other stock levels seem to be okay. Clouds of Vapor carries iTaste products, the iVape Tesla, Vamo, Magneto, and more. They have a Joyetech section, adapters, AGR Stainless Tanks, Protank, and Vision Tanks.

Some excellent sales bring standard e-cig equipment to you at really low prices. The names listed above are some of the most popular and, thus, among the most necessary for customers to be able to find.

When you go on the hunt for an all-purpose provider, this is important to know. Clouds of Vapor is competing with a lot of other online electronic cigarette re-sellers.

Helpful Information

A feature I especially love about the Clouds of Vapor website is that when you click on a product to find out more, the item is fully described. Where some e-tailer sites give only the barest information about a product, if anything besides model and price, a long paragraph describes some of the more complex pieces Clouds of Vapor carries (not just bullet points in big font to make it look like a lot of information).

Their mod holder is a console for your car, and a neat addition to the usual stock found on other sites.

Clouds of Vapor Review: Liquid

CloudPure Juice and CloudPure Naturals are the two e-juice lines at Clouds of Vapor. The Naturals line contains organic juice (an unusual find), whereas its cousin only lists tobacco.

The tally is just 21 liquids, but pricing isn’t bad. A 12ml bottle costs $9.99 for organic liquid, $7.99 for the rest.

Note that nic-free vapers will not find their niche here. The lowest nicotine strength is 8mg, followed by 16, and finally 24mg. It will be tough for the vaper who wishes to slowly decrease his nicotine strength as these jumps are far apart.

Organic juices include Apple Cider, Caramel Cream, Mango Papaya, Vanilla, and Kona Cream, all decadent sounding flavors. The 7 tobacco vapor juices include C0V4 (their version of a RY4), Vanilla Tobacco, and Caramel Tobacco.

More about Clouds of Vapor

Clouds of Vapor comes from Boca Raton, Florida. Florida is a wonderful place to find great juice and electronic cigarettes, but Clouds of Vapor sells them for less. The site lists awards the company has received, gives links to educational articles, and supplies one to Vape TV for video presentations about vaping and products.

The founder of this company could not originally find a company that sold all of the pieces he wanted and needed under one roof or a single internet heading. He already had plenty of experience in retail and wholesale business, so it was a logical decision to form his own company, make trips to China, and select products for his customers.