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Medford in Oregon is where you find ECBlend. Their focus is almost completely on e-liquid, with shops you can visit and online sales spreading the joy of good juice across the country. Here is an ECBlend review to give you a taste of what the USA-made juice they sell.

ECBlendLoads of Styles

Many headings for juice make honing in on your favorite one convenient. So often, flavors are lumped together when they could be separated into smaller groups. By being tidy here the company draws attention to a number of juices not seen in many other places.

The Dragon Series is really popular and the makers stress you have to steep it before vaping for the taste to come through properly. You will see many reviews on the internet for bottles in this category.

One of them, Dragon’s Blood, tastes like dragon fruit but creamy. Dragon’s Apple contains notes of red and green apple, English toffee, and cream.

Limited time flavors right now were developed for the Autumnal and Christmas periods. They are Pumpkin Spice Cupcake, Eggnog, and another pumpkin spice variety.

Under Customer Creations is a bestseller — Coconut Cake. Cold Blue Margarita is another tasty sounding vape.

From the Coffee and Tea Section, we receive a taste of Buttered Keoke Rum Coffee, a decadent offering. Choco Chai puts a new spin on a spicy favorite.

Drinks like Flaming Peach with cinnamon hints will warm you up, and a Fruit Smoothie containing strawberry, banana, and orange with peach should cool you down. Irish Cream is just plain yummy.

The floral section is most surprising. It contains a lot of new flavors not usually included among vapor juices, but they are wonderful ideas. Chrysanthemum Tea and Hibiscus Tea should be very relaxing. Jasmine is an exotic reminder of holidays past.

From Sweets and Desserts come Blue Honey (blueberry), Butter, and Catalan Cream. This last one contains notes of vanilla, custard, cinnamon, and caramelized sugar.

Traditional e juices are mostly tobacco ones: 7 Leaf and a light flavored Black Gold (cigar/pipe with vanilla).

Drinks make you tipsy just thinking about them. Rum Soaked Raisins, Gin Joint, and Fuzzy Navel are just a few offerings from ECBlend mixologists.

Some people are so particular they are not satisfied with juice as it comes, so they customize if the option is there. ECBlend offers you the choice of adding more flavor, sweetener if you want it, or sour flavor. It is common for people to add menthol to particular styles if menthol complements the taste with a cool finish. Customers are also invited to select their base mixture: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or both.

A number of liquids have been added to the discontinued page. ECBlend’s policy is to put them there for 90 days before getting rid of them, but only if there is no interest or not enough interest in them. If you want the company to keep a flavor like Cognac, Butter Whipped Frosting, or Chocolate Cherry Swirl, hurry up and buy some.

More Info

ECBlend also sells juice wholesale and does carry some extra items. You can buy drip tips from them and a Smoktech S.I.D. They also carry an e Liquid shaker if you’re interested in designing your own juice. Items for DIY liquid appear on this site.

A 5ml bottle of juice costs $2.50, so you’re in the right spot for discovering new juices without creating waste, that is, if you ever find one you don’t like.

Contact ECBlend by phone or visit their Help Desk Online. For general information about vaping, peruse their website. They give out some helpful information, such as the fact that you get a better throat hit from propylene glycol-dominant juices than those dominated by vegetable glycerin. The opposite is true if you want thick vapor. Nicotine values go up to 36mg.