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The name “Green Smoke” can be interpreted numerous ways. It refers to “green” or new vapers just giving up smokes and moving to vaping. “Green” is also a reference to how much cleaner the air (and smokers’ lungs) will be when they smoosh their last butts into their nearly obsolete ashtrays and stop littering landfills with chemicals.

There are so many arguments for making the switch to e-cigs and away from cigarettes, many of them related to the environment, others to better health. Everyone who has ever walked past a smoker in an alley, spent time with a smoker reeking from his last cig break, or inhaled second-hand smoke knows that cigarettes touch everyone one way or another, whether in terms of health, comfort, air quality, or costs to the medical system.

Green Smoke BannerGreen Smoke Review: Where the Air Is Cleaner

Green Smoke has a good view of the market from where they sit near the top. Looking down they can see companies inching towards them, earning their share of the market dollar. Green Smoke can also keep abreast of changes and customer expectations, giving them time to make adjustments to products, pricing, and advertising so as to keep up with change. Having won their place by dint of hard work, they are keen to keep it. Reviews on e-cig forums tend to emphasize the positive.

Today, Green Smoke can boast over 21 million sales. They have been featured on major TV networks and in print media. Word of mouth has also been good to them.

The Green Smoke website has become an informational site where readers can find more than products and e-cig education. The Green Smoke blog recently aired a piece about the NHL playoffs and a thoughtful piece about Martin Luther King. You could say this is a thinking vaper’s e-cig company.

Express KitGreen Smoke Starter Kits

Here are the basic kits carried by Green Smoke. They are the Pro, Express, Ultimate, Love Birds, and Essential Kits. This last one is an Express with two cartridges and one battery, plus a USB charger. At $29.99, without any other features, this is too much.

Maybe Green Smoke explains the price hike by arguing their cartridges (Flavormax Cartridges) give more vapor than the competitors’, but it’s still too much to pay for an Essentials Kit when some brands sell them for half that.

Their Pro is the most popular Green Smoke start kit costing $84.97. It comes with a power-cigarette (used without a battery by plugging directly into a USB port), a carry case, 10 cartridges, two batteries, and USB charger, car and wall adaptors.

That car adaptor is important to ex-smokers. Their vehicle was a last bastion for smoking away from colleagues, the boss, children, etc. With few legal places remaining to light up, one’s car was a smoking haven.

Now it is routine to light up here, a routine that can continue, just without the carcinogens and ash. Your ash tray will have to be used for spare change. The only thing I wonder is how you are supposed to see the road through plumes of vapor like the vapor you supposedly get from Green Smoke. It can really be that thick.

Flavormax Cartridges

Green Smoke’s pre-filled cartridges come in Mountain Clove, Smooth Chocolate, and Mocha Mist. There is Menthol Ice, Tobacco Gold, and Vanilla. Absolute Tobacco and Red Label bring the menu to 8 in total: a small number unfortunately, but not bad considering reviews for their juices are fairly good much of the time.

Reviews tend to become less enthusiastic when vapers start trying bottled juice from gourmet suppliers. Their tastes become refined, like wine drinkers and coffee connoisseurs.

Each cartridge is supposed to supply the user with up to 360 puffs, which is truly more than the competition. That still fails to explain why I should pay $16.97 for five of them. The lowest price on the market is just $10; $14.95 is typical. Am I getting $7 worth of extra vapor out of Flavormax Cartridges? That was a rhetorical question.

What Are You Paying for?

I’m not sure why Green Smoke is so expensive. Perhaps it is the name, like buying a high-end handbag for 25% more than the no-name one which is just as good. Maybe their products are more reliable than some of the cheaper mini e-cigs.

Read lots of reviews to get a feel for what Green Smoke has that others don’t have. It might be something simple like customer service (Green Smoke has won awards for theirs). Good customer service saves a firm that has weathered complaints about faulty products and slow shipping. A few discount coupons don’t hurt either.

More Bits and Pieces

Green Smoke does not carry an extensive lineup of parts, or advanced electronic cigarettes and powerful eGo batteries. Customers will find basic e-cig equipment plus a few extra accessories.

Some of them are contained in starter kits, but it doesn’t hurt to have more on hand or to see what they cost in case your brother’s birthday is coming up and he doesn’t want anymore socks. Singles even buy Couples Kits to double up on supplies.

A zip-up leather case costs $34.97: a stylish and sophisticated must-have for the business vaper. A Basic case costs $19.97 and, while not as slick as a leather one, is just as useful. For a touch of femininity, purchase a Sparkle Studded Case as a gift for mom priced $29.97.

Even grandma would love such a present. It’s never too late to quit smoking and take up vaping. This one is decorated with a climbing vine of white and green beads against black, green, or white. They aren’t generic like the ones on e-tailer sites: Green Smoke is emblazoned on all three of them.

Rubber tips provide a cheap way to maintain good health and prevent the spread of germs while also sharing your vaping pen. You know it’s going to happen: friends will want to try. Colleagues will pester you for a puff. Your boyfriend will ask for a draw when he has a cold. Add this simple rubber tip and your cartridge will not become infected.


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