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Smoktek, located in China, is one of the electronic cigarette business’s most reliable and popular brands. Their products, such as mods, tanks, and associated parts, are carried by numerous e-cig e-tailers and retailers all over the United States, if not most of them. If you cannot remember the names of any other brands of APVs or tanks, you should at least remember these.

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For instance, they make and sell multiple Pyrex tanks. Pyrex is more expensive than plastic, and obviously easier to break, but it is the best material if you vape juices that harm polycarbonate and other materials. These include some of the more acidic-flavored juices that are known to stain and crack plastic.

Tanks include their Pyrex DCT V2, ViVi Nova, Mini Trophy, Aro, and the Tumbler which is shaped like a bowling pin. The Aro is a bottom coil clearomizer, meaning it is clear and that the wick soaks of juice from the bottom. It features replaceable heads and eGo threading. Several products are made in multiple colors.

This issue with threading causes problems for users at times: they want compatible products so they can match one company’s tank with another company’s device. Smoktek tanks usually work with eGo and 510-threaded batteries.

Their Magneto Mod in brass or stainless finish has a bottom-fire button: that is, not spring-loaded. Being magnetic, the issue of worn-out springs will never arise. It looks heavy and reliable but only costs around $50 to $60 without accessories. The Zmax is chrome-finished with variable voltage and wattage, a big top-side firing button, and a good-sized screen. The price ranges from around $90 to $140.

The SID is 510-threaded with a wide drip well: a small detail, but wonderful for eliminating e-liquid waste and mess. It uses an 18650 battery and features a 360° turning button to control voltage and wattage.

Voltage can be adjusted from 3 to 6 volts by increments of 0.1v. The wattage range is from 3 to 15 watts in increments of 0.5w. Do not worry about your battery malfunctioning and destroying the unit. The Smoktek SID is protected against reverse battery, short circuiting, and over discharge. The SID is cheaper than a Magneto costing about $46. Prices vary a little between re-sellers.

A Smoktek Review

Consumers appreciate the affordability of Smoktek products. They are produced in large amounts for wholesale customers. Unlike a lot of high-end mods, these are usually in stock as a result.

The Mega Dual Coil eGo Carto is supposed to hold 5mls, but does not. One should always take tank capacity with a grain of salt. It’s usually a little lower than stated. Still, the tank is impressive, provides a great throat hit, and produces clouds of thick vapor easily. It’s not a great tank for vegetable glycerin juice that is too thick, but a 50/50 ratio is said to work beautifully. Anything less won’t give you much vapor owing to the way propylene glycol affects vapor production.

The Aro is known for its heft and quality. Consumers really like it and find it does not leak too much. They wish they could remove the drip tip though.

Consumers buy Smoktek products from re-sellers, not directly from Smoktek, unless they are wholesale buyers running an electronic cigarette company of their own.