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The internet shows V2 Cigs from multiple angles, but only if you really dig. Most reviews and articles are biased in their favor. They are a big brand, like Big Cigarette corporations, only healthier and cheaper.

When you see V2 Cigs posted all over the place and labeled “the number one e-cig in the United States,” what do you make of that statement?

Lots of firms call themselves “the best selling” or “the most popular” e-cig. Brands give themselves titles easily, perhaps because the industry is not really regulated yet. Then again, in a way it is: customer opinion ensures e-cig manufacturers remain accountable.

A V2 Cigs Review from Both Sides

I will start with the good points about V2 Cigs and there are lots, though they are being matched and even overtaken by competitors’ lineups too. In the end, I will also make some less favorable comments about the brand.

Loads of Starter Kits

At one time, starter kits from V2 were kind of ground-breaking for their diversity and special features. There is one for every budget. You can choose a power cig with 5 cartridges for around $25. There are Beginners and Standard Kits, plus the Ultimate loaded with accessories. The last one costs over $140.

Between $25 and $140 are many differences, including a sense of which is the best value. V2 Cigs has assembled kits that are by far cheaper to buy than to create on one’s own with a piece here and a piece there, especially when you factor in the cost of shipping.

The V2 Standard Plus Kit

If starter kits are a major plus at V2, the Standard Plus is its best one. At around $100, it features goods you want and need. That means lots of cartridges, an extra battery, both the USB charger and wall adaptor, and a special extra: your PCC. Just adding this to their list of accessories and putting one in their Standard Plus Kit gives the brand extra stars.

Blank Cartridges

When manufacturers sell blank cartridges alongside pre-filled ones, they open up a whole world of vaping opportunity for their customers. Not only can you refill with V2 juice, save money, and throw out less packaging; you can also choose other juice and more flavors made by various companies.

Convenient Adaptors

Did you know that V2 Cigs sells adaptors?

These are small pieces of hardware that enable the user to connect items that are not threaded, the same when you try to screw them together. There are two types of adaptors.

The first one allows you to use Bloog, Red Dragon, and Green Smoke batteries, etc. Type 2 enables consumers to match up V2 with NJoy NPro, Cloud9, and SmokeStik, among others.

It is a small, inexpensive thing and V2 Cigs did not have to offer it. If they had not, then customers would have had just a few choices.

  • One would have been to use V2 batteries and cartridges together exclusively.
  • Another would have been to fill other company’s blank cartridges (assuming they have them, which not all brands do) with V2 juice.
  • A third option would have been switching from V2 Cigs to some other brand. V2 Cigs has been smart here.

EX Batteries

The relatively high-powered EX battery is now available and its pair, the EX cartridge, will be out soon. With this battery you get a whole new look plus additional power approximately equivalent to that of a long Classic V2 Cigs battery.

Sophisticated options include the Royale, which looks like a playing card bearing the Jack and each of the playing card symbols against a white background. You should be playing blackjack with this one. The scarlet metallic battery has a deep, rich look to it, like velvet. Carbon fiber black is the kind of black that is of a velvety quality slightly different from the usual black V2 battery.

Bloom depicts vapory flowers in rich pink. These are very attractive, a much better option than Vapor Couture cigarettes which, though lovely, are thin and slim on power (Vapor Couture is a branch of V2 Cigs).

Negative Points about V2 Cigs

Here is the other angle, and it’s mostly based on a single point. The biggest problem here is that you are being fleeced. V2 came along when the industry was still charging big money for products bought from China. It’s not that e-cig manufacturers are now giving customers a huge deal, but they are passing along some of the savings they enjoy buying wholesale because there is more pressure from competition. No longer will you pay several times the value of an item, but it will still be too much.

V2 Cigs is a bit of a culprit in this respect. You notice that prices for starter kits feature the regular price of a kit beside it. Does this indicate that the product is on sale, or that you are saving lots of money thanks to V2 Cigs pricing strategy?

There is some truth in the latter remark. Starter kits are collected items considered necessary for vaping successfully, and if you bought them one at a time they would cost considerably more.

Have you ever added up each piece to determine how much they would really cost all together? It isn’t always the figure they supply on the starter kit page. Sometimes it is less. What that cut-price image suggests, however, is that you are getting a bargain that is not entirely true. V2 Cigs is one of the priciest models and the only way to mitigate this fact is by purchasing some items in bulk when you can, like cartridges.

It is also important to realize, as a new vaper, that you don’t need all of the stuff in an Ultimate Kit. Two batteries are downright essential. Even a long battery is only going to last 2 to 4 hours, which is not even a full vaping day for most people.

What you do need is a lanyard or a fancy case. Where the Beginners kit is concerned, the lack of a second battery is not good enough. Paying $34.95 is senseless, despite receiving extra cartridges.

Here’s a video to save you extra money from the company: