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It is difficult to find anything bad anyone has to say about Vapor Zone. They are relatively new compared with V2 and Green Smoke. Their company is a part of the International Vapor Group that also owns South Beach Smoke and Eversmoke. There seems to be so much competition already in the mini cig market, and Joyetech has cornered eGo customers. Where does Vapor Zone fit in?

VaporZone.comMiami Based, Lots of Hype

Florida seems to have something going for it, perhaps something in the water, because they are not light on good vaping companies. Vapor Zone is yet another of them and has become popular very quickly.

Whereas you generally buy Blu, Halo, and V2 Cigs from their online stores, Vapor Zone is available online and at several stores in Florida, especially the Miami area. They keep expanding too.

Customers are generally thrilled and some have crossed over, making this their new go-to shop for everything from liquid to batteries. Customer service is exceptional. Staff is knowledgeable. Pricing is a high point, especially considering that a high-powered mod kit (the Rebel) with a tank and battery costs $180.

Not only is the company doing a lot for the Florida economy, but they also sell USA-made juice. They carry more than 50 flavors, but here is the interesting thing. From those 50 flavors, Vapor Zone can create upwards of 30,000. In fact, a rather crude advertisement aired over the TV made this point in an eye-catching, groan-worthy way recently, as if to point out that 30,000 flavors is not a typo.


So let’s start with vapor juice. This is well-liked, custom blended stuff and even when you purchase a bottle online it has not been sitting on a shelf for two weeks. Each order is mixed when received because it is custom-blended to your specifications. The one exception is pre-filled cartridges.

Here is how it works. Say you really like Graham Cracker juice. That’s fine: order it on its own. Perhaps you believe Graham Cracker would fit nicely with Chocolate e juice: that makes sense. They make a fine pairing in desserts all the time.

Pick your strength of nicotine and elect for one or two shots of each flavor. Another sort, Crème de la Crème, would provide a nice base for grape or cherry, for instance. Think about how you would combine foods and the way they both taste and smell together. All that stuff about e-cigs not smelling of anything is not true: sometimes they smell heavenly.

There are only three points that might not satisfy everyone. Firstly, 30ml bottles for $14.99 are well-priced, but what about small bottles? I know these are cheaper in the long run, and customers in Miami can taste e-liquids before buying, but that’s no consolation for a customer in Idaho.

The second is that although bottled liquid can contain as much as 3.6% nicotine, pre-filled cartridges only go up to 1.8%. Then there are the limited cartridge flavors: not even ten.

Otherwise, consider the options: marshmallow, bubble gum, Pear Cosmopolitan, Peppermint Party, Mango Tango, and Krazy Kiwi. Flavors get great reviews overall for throat hit, vapor, and authenticity.

Vaporzone EcigsSix Modern Starter Kits

Online reviews and demos of starter kits from Vapor Zone all show how great a brand this is. Even the Express, a two part mini cig, is better than the best e-cigs already made for beginners. It gives off excellent vapor.

Pricing is favorable too, even though a roughly $30 kit comes without any pre-filled cartridges or liquid. You do get the second battery, something other companies should take note of.

It’s as though Vapor Zone read tons of reviewers say they wanted a second battery in their e-cig starter kits and decided that they were building kits for customers. Why not give them what they ask for?

Express packaging is an example of how each system is packaged: neatly, professionally, and simply. Everything is tidy and there is not too much material, so little waste. Instead of filler you get product.

At the end of an Express cig there is a crystal tip that lights up when you puff. It’s pretty. A membership card gives you access to discounted auto shipments and member-only discounts.

The Air is a fine kit with puff tracking on its tiny screen. It’s really small: this could cause some trouble for older viewers. The upside is that it shows how many puffs you have taken and battery power. Vapers generally like this interesting unit with its triangular battery base fitted to a cylindrical tank.

The Jet is a tank system with 1.3ml capacity, so you can spend less time refilling and stop wasting money on cartridges. It comes with an adaptor and USB cable. Take off the mouthpiece. Fill liquid to the line. Put the mouthpiece back on and screw the tank to your battery. Click it five times to turn on and to turn off. When it is on, hold the button down and puff. Vapor Zone has created a short video showing you exactly how this is all done in less than three minutes.


If a unit works with certain types of tanks and batteries, these are all sold in the accessories section. Do not hunt around other shops or e-tailer sites for them: Vapor Zone insists their products only work with accessories. An Air tank goes with the Air battery only. Express cartridges are required for Express Batteries. You get the picture.

Here are some prices for these items: $19.99 for the cordless circular Pulse charger; an Express USB for $9.99; three Express mini clearomizers for $14.99; and a Pro Battery (650mAh) for $24.99. Undoubtedly, some clever clogs out in vape land will come up with ways to fit cheaper batteries to Vapor Zone tanks and cheaper tanks to Vapor Zone batteries, but their exclusive products are part of what make them work so well.

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