E Cigarette Juice (Liquid) | Best Electronic Cig Juices

Before you make a final determination about electronic cigarettes, try out some different e cig juice (e liquid) flavors.

I personally liked the first types I got, but when I eventually tried a specific brand that was recommended by someone who’s more of an ‘e cig veteran’, it was a massive difference.

My current favorite e liquid is White Monkey by Parkes Vaping  (you can click through this link to go to their site).

Also check out:

Birthday Cake

Vanilla Cupcake

Banana Split

(These are still my favorite flavors of e cig juice – I order them with sweetener, 36 mg nicotine, and 80/20 PG/VG).

I must say that I was completely blown away by not only how much I liked this e cig juice, but also the difference it made. Both the flavor (they have endless flavors) and the strength was a game changer.