E Cigarettes 101 – *Video* | Electronic CIgarette Reviews

This is a video where I go over the basics you’ll want to know as a complete newb to e cigs. I shot it with my cell phone, and used the YouTube video stabilizing option, so it isn’t perfect, but I think I covered most of what you’ll want to know out of the gate to get started.

I was a bit confused about it when I looked at some sites with a million different parts and didn’t want to deal with it, so I hope this demystifies some of it for you.

Update: I have since created another video, as I have been vaping for a couple months now. Check out my updated video here all about e cigs. This is after I have tried more types of e cigs since creating the video for this page.

One thing that I refer to in the video below is how to refill your own cartridges. Since I shot this, I did a demo video about how to refill V2 cartridges. This is a massive savings. If you want to see how to do that, go here to check out my V2 refill video.

I also referred to starter kits. We have a page so you can compare some of the kits we have reviewed so you can see what comes with each as well as the prices of a couple basic kits from the top brands compared to each other of course. Check out our starter kit comparison page here.