Green Smoke E Cigarettes | Electronic Cigarette Reviews

By Greg Morrison

E cigarettes are making a big splash in countries around the world. An increasing number of smokers and even people who have never smoked have discovered a way to enjoy smoking pleasure without spending a lot of money or suffering any social stigmas.

They are even discovering a new found freedom because these devices are not cigarettes. Using them does not count as smoking so customers of companies like Green Smoke can go anywhere and still relish the flavor of nicotine without suffering discrimination.

Green SmokeWhat Are E Cigarettes?

E cigarettes, or e cigs, are cleverly designed devices that let people experience the joys of nicotine without including all the complications that tobacco cigarettes entail. There is no tobacco involved. The e cig delivers nicotine content and sensation in liquid form.

An e cig is composed of two or three separate parts, often available in starter kits. The cartridge contains the fluid tinged with a nicotine concentration. At the buyer’s discretion, this cartridge can also contain a special flavor.

Some ex-smokers prefer the various tobacco tastes that companies like Green Smoke instill into their nicotine fluids. Others prefer exotic flavors such as chocolate or even pina colada.

While some e cigs contain a separate mouthpiece, many devices combine this with the atomizer. The name is just as shocking as the action it performs. When nicotine fluid from the cartridge flows into the atomizer, a heated filament there vaporizes the liquid so that it can be inhaled. This is more astounding than it may sound. This vapor is not smoke so the person is not technically smoking.

How E Cigs Save Money and More

There are a lot of reasons to switch over to e cigarettes if you are presently a smoker. A lot of people want to quit smoking but they are hampered by two significant problems. They find it difficult to quit the habit of smoking. They also do not want to give up the pleasure that they experience in inhaling nicotine. At the same time, they dread to continue smoking tobacco cigarettes and inhale all of the toxins that tobacco companies include in their products.

E cigs let people completely avoid the smoke caused by tobacco cigarettes. The fluids in their cartridges contain pure nicotine without the tar and other things that you find in tobacco cigarettes. When inhaled, you get the pleasant sensations that you have always associated with smoking without many of the chemicals that are a product of tobacco smoke.

At the same time, you can save money. If you examine the price of a nicotine cartridge and a pack of cigarettes, you will see that you get much more smoking time out of a cartridge for a lot less money. This is particularly true when you consider how affordably priced the cartridges at Green Smoke are.

Finally, many people enjoy the lifting of the stigma that has excluded them from restaurants and even bars over the last two or three decades. Using an e cig is not the same as smoking.

You can use them anywhere at your leisure. No one will complain about the odor because there isn’t any and there are no health concerns about secondhand smoke because the vapor does not pose a threat to anyone.

Green Smoke: The Ideal Introduction to E Cigs

If your interest is piqued, visit the Green Smoke website. They can set you up with a starter kit for a low price and introduce you to their affordable and enjoyable e cigarettes.