Halo Cigs Triton Tank Review

Ok, I’ve just received the Halo Cigs Triton, in the iridescent color, which is super sharp. Down below is my unboxing video after receiving it.

So far I have been loving this thing. After using a few different eGo style battery e cigs, and tank systems, such as the Volcano, and the mini V2 tanks, this thing is killer!

Halo Triton and E JuiceIt is crafted with much thought to detail, such as how the parts go together, with the tank, and it’s not too bulky. The mouth piece, feel of it etc. are just money, and how the tank goes together, there’s a small o-ring when it seals, and it is just real sharp.

Then they hit it out of the park with the iridescent color, it’s ridiculous and I don’t think my pic here or video quite do it justice.

It produces a great amount of vape, and so far I have been using it for a period of 24 hours, not counting sleep.

Small Update: I finally killed the bigger battery (650 mAh) a bit over 24 hours after I started, and then it was charged up in I would say an hour or so, surprisingly fast!

Another Highlight – The Halo Tobacco E-Liquid Sampler

Along with this, I have been trying out the 6 flavors in the tobacco sampler pack. They are all 7 ml bottles, and I got the 24 mg strength. If you like or are looking for some nice tobacco flavors, I highly recommend their tobacco sampler.

Put it this way, I typically like to switch it up, but for the past 24 hours have been LOVING the Triton and this e-juice selection, awesome job Halo! Additionally they have a variable voltage Triton battery, which is 900 mAh, and it is a beast!

Available at: http://halocigs.com