Halo Cigs Triton Variable Voltage 900 mAh Battery (Blue)

After using the standard Halo Cigs Triton Tank system for a while I ordered the Triton variable voltage battery¬†and I’ve been using this thing non-stop for a while now since receiving it and I love it. It is real convenient and low maintenance as the battery lasts a long time, like a couple days (still not sure exactly but I think I’ve been getting at least 2 days of straight vaping out of a charge), and you can fill up the tank which will last you probably a couple days (I get a day out of probably a quarter tank, maybe a half).

The variable voltage feature is real cool too, and I have been trying different flavors and types of e-juice at different voltages. You can really fine tune your vaping with this thing!

Available at their site http://halocigs.com