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The Joye 510 is the first e cig that I bought. I must say I was pretty happy with it, and I would recommend it for anyone looking to try out an e cig.

Bull Smoke Ranch Hand KitUpdate For Anyone Looking Up Decent Priced Starter E Cigs

If you want a decent priced starter e cig, take a look at the starter kits at

For a cheap e cig to get you going, we recommend them by a landslide! I learned this later on, after trying out lots of other brands, and these guys are still one of our top picks, out of the highest rated brands.

Here’s a couple reasons why:
  • BullSmoke is US based and you can order direct from them. You can not order direct from Joyetech, which is based in China.
  • BullSmoke has an awesome flavor selection. (Typically with Joyetech, you choose flavors from whichever vendor carries Joyetech).
  • A BullSmoke starter kit is $29.99 for 2 batteries and 10 cartridges, which is unbeatable (you’ll likely pay over $34.00 for a standard Joye 510 kit, and that ‘may’ include 5 cartridges, and they are probably empty, meaning they need e cig juice added ).

If you like the refillable aspect of the 510, BullSmoke cartridges are refillable too.

The one cool thing on the 510 is an atomizer, but that isn’t typically what someone wants just starting out.

And lastly, BullSmoke’s cigs look and taste like an actual cigarette. (We like the American Ranger best, for a Marlboro Red, and their other tobacco flavors are excellent and we recommend those for someone looking for something like a Camel or Winston).

Then they have a nice selection of other flavors such as mint, a tasty coffee, chocolate, menthol for Newport smokers, vanilla etc.

Check em out at:

My Joyetech 510 Review:

Joye 510 Starter KitI got the basic starter kit, with 2 batteries and a charger, and a couple kinds of basic cartomizers, and they definitely hit the spot (this is the standard kit pictured here, in the packaging it came in with blue manual batteries).

I’ve of course since then gotten a few more, and there are some I actually prefer now, but I do still use this and some other Joye products.

That being said, I’ll say that it was my first time trying these to try to cut back on the cost of smoking, and one of the things that amazed me was how they pretty much satiated that ‘nic fix’ that I get from smoking Marlboro 100’s.

If you love smoking like me, you understand that there’s an aspect to that which you can’t explain, as in why you love them and why things like Nicorette Gum don’t seem to hit the spot.

I guess that the fact you are in essence smoking in a sense (I’ve been scolded for calling it that, and it’s called vaping lol). But the nicotine liquid did hit the spot for me.

I had always thought the other 2,000 chemicals (or however many) that there are in cigarettes also added to the element that I craved, but I must say, these work quite well.

Otherwise, this is a nice one to start with, and the kit is reasonably priced. We have a page comparing the prices of a few of the basic starter kits that you can check out here. I use a variety of e liquid now with these, including V2 liquid. I made a quick video how to refill cartomizers, which is the same as how the Joyetech cartomizers work. Click here to watch my video of how to refill V2 cartridges. (Huge money saver BTW).

Here is a video of the upgraded 510-T, which has some slight differences. I ordered this from (this is where I bought my Joyetech eGo/eGo-T 650 stainless manual battery kit, and the eGo Twist), and they sent the wrong charger, and so the end of this video below is after I received the charger.

The 510-T is pretty sick. I have just started using this one (August 30, 2013 is when I am adding this update), and it’s quite a bit improved over the standard 510 from what I can tell. It also comes with these cool clear mouth pieces that are different from the others, like the 510 and eGos I have used, which you fill, as opposed to putting the drops inside the atomizer.

(Also here you can watch a quick video where I refill a Joye atomizer).