Joyetech Electronic Cigarettes | E Cigarette Review By KLKS

By Greg Morrison

I’ve added a couple of Joyetech e cigarette reviews of a couple that I’ve tried, including the Joye 510, and the Joyetech eGo/eGo-T 650 mAu stainless kit.

Check out my Joye 510 review here

This is Martin, and the Joye 510 is the first e cig that I tried. It isn’t my number one pick, but it did the job, and is a nice way to check out electronic cigarettes on a budget.

Next from Joyetech I tried the eGo/eGo-T, which is a pretty serious upgrade in the battery life, meaning from lasting a couple hours to more like 12 hours or so, give or take. They are close but the eGo 650 that I have also seemed to give a slightly stronger hit, but they are close.

Ego TwistHere’s my Joyetech eGo-eGo-T review

Then I went with the eGo Twist, which is once again quite the upgrade from the regular eGo, as it has a dial on it for variable voltage – from 3.2-4.8 volts, which is a pretty significant difference, and the highest setting – 4.8 volts, produces a lot of vape.

Here is my Joye eGo Twist 650 mAh review

To buy Joye electronic cigarettes, check out, which is where I got the eGo kit.

E-cigarettes are electronic devices typically sculpted and painted to model real cigarettes by even allowing an inhaling capability, resulting in exhaled simulated tobacco smoke. Also known as personal vaporizers or PV’s, these cigs are actually vaporizing a liquid solution into aerosol to give the smoker a feeling of legitimacy. Because of the lack of substantial emissions it actually releases, users are commonly found “smoking” in public establishments or areas in which it is otherwise prohibited.

Joyetech Products

As one of the leading manufacturers in everything and anything pertaining to electronic cigarettes, Joyetech’s creations are in the process of being patented and trademarked globally—including in China, Britain, Europe, America, and Russia.

With stable customer bases throughout three continents and an expanding list of other regions, the company prides itself on the encouraging letters they receive from users that wanted to quit smoking but just could not find a way that worked for them. The inspiration drives Joyetech to continuously improve the standards of quality in each and every product, aiming to design the simplest and healthiest alternative to one of the world’s worst habits.

Recent Development

  • Joye 510 of 2008: released e-cig featuring the first concept for manual batteries (solving the cartridge leak issue of the time; ultimately decreasing the large amount of defective batteries)
  • Joye eGo of 2009: developed the leading style of e-cigs featuring a higher class image than an ordinary cigarette (also prolonged battery life and increased cartridge volume)
  • Joye eGo-T of 2010: released a model equipped with a technical tank atomizer (incorporating new technology and kicking old liquid solutions to the curb)
  • eGo-C and 510-T serial products of 2011: released interchangeable options; further enhanced product line
  • eCab of 2012: developed a new version of electronic cigarettes continuing with their tank atomizer and adding the ability to swap out the battery (consistent with previous vapor power function and portability)

Vapor Intelligent Cigarette

The newly released eVic brings the benefits of electronic cigarettes to a whole new level. The eVic records and manages all of your vapor activity, conveniently laying it out on your computer screen for you to see.

Physical changes from the old models include a rotating key with click entry, added output power and voltage change ability, and a new spot used for a connectable USB cable that gives for a more efficient charging and computer connecting capability.

My Vapor Record

MVR is the uniquely designed computer software specifically for your eVic. The included statistics function was professionally created to effectively capture all of your vapor data.

Installation is as simple as the e-cigarette you’re enjoying, so every time you hook up your eVic to the PC—your vapor record will immediately pop up on display. The software features several handy options, from battery protection alerts to energy saving techniques.

You can stay current on the longevity left in your device’s atomizer and battery, while setting an alarm to remind you of your target puff number. Like most of Joyetech’s releases, the eVic and supplied software are the first of their kind—leading a new trend in personal vaporizers.