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After using the Joye 510 for a while, I decided I wanted to try one of the upgraded models, A.K.A. the Joyetech eGo/eGo-T 650 mAh stainless kit.

I bought mine at and they have some pretty sick e cigs, and decent prices, which I verified with a number of friends who’ve been at this a lot longer than I have.

Update: Here’s a quick review of the Joye eGo twist 650 mAh battery that I just received. This is variable voltage, which is a nice touch when you want to adjust the vapor production.

Iridescent Halo Triton BatteryUpdate 2: I have since gotten a Halo Triton tank and love this thing.

That’s it pictured to the right ——->

It is the same style of battery as the standard eGo, if you are looking up upgraded batteries.

This is a tank system, and so as far as I can tell, you can’t use cartridges like an eGo, though I am going to keep my eye out. But if you are looking for a eGo type of battery, be sure to check out the Halo Triton.

Here’s my review of the Triton.

They also have some killer e-liquids. I am using the tobacco sampler as I type this and love it.

Also, the Triton has a real nice design, almost elegant. The mouth piece on the tank, the width, colors etc., are all very nicely thought out, and you can order directly from them on their site, whereas you can’t order direct from Joyetech.

OK, back to the review of the eGo:

A friend of mine showed me the eGo/eGo-T 650 mAh battery (I had no idea what it was called at the time), and told me that the battery lasts like 12 hours or so.

That sounded pretty awesome, since I’m a pretty heavy smoker (or vaper), and the Joye 510 batteries were lasting me a couple hours each.

I also tried out the eGo, and it seemed to be a slightly stronger hit, which I liked, so I went for it.

eGo Style BatteriesThis is one of my favorite e cigs now. One battery will last me all day, and I sit at my computer working all day, so I vape a lot (in my smoking hayday I’m good for a minimum of 2 packs of Marlboro Red 100’s).

Update 3: Pictured here are a few eGo-style batteries, with a few more that I have tried since the regular eGos, all eGo-style.

That is a standard stainless 650 up top, then a Cigavette Ultra, then Cigavette Mega, Halo Triton and my eGo Twist. I enjoy using them all, as they all have some cool features. As you can see they are all pretty much the same battery, so now you know there are a few options.

The Cigavettes have cartridges on them, which are way bigger than standard sized ones, the Twist has an atomizer, and that’s a tank on the Triton.

One thing that I found out is that the battery charger set up is much less finicky than the 510, and actually comes to a full charge a little faster I believe (I say ‘I believe’ because I haven’t actually timed it, but it seemed quite a bit faster, which could even be an hour faster, I’m just not sure exactly).

Those are the two main things, how the battery charger connects, and how long the battery lasts, that I like the most.

It seems the eGo may have a slightly stronger hit to me, but it’s not way off from the 510.

If you want to know how to refill the an atomizer, check out my quick video on how to refill a Joyetech atomizer here.

So far as the eGo-T, that is just a different style of cartridge, where it is like a mini tank system. The one I received from LiteCigUSA (a 510-T, but the same kind of tank) needed to be punctured, and was pretty cool. It did leak slightly when switching the tank, but it’s nice as when it’s installed it holds a bit more e-liquid than a cartridge which is pretty cool so you con’t have to refill quite as often, and typically most e-cigs have a tiny bit of leakage, especially when refilling your own.

Then, if you want to be able to go all day, and probably all night, without needing a refill or recharging the battery, check out the Triton at, worst case you may need a spare battery if you have the 400, but they have up to a 1300 mAh option, and a variable voltage if you want to try something like the Twist (and at the very least try some of the Halo e-juice, damn I am liking this tobacco sampler!).

I filmed a quick vid of my first impressions of the 650 eGo battery upgrade compared to the 510, which was the first e cig I tried: