Review of Zig Zag Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

I just finished off one of the Zig Zag disposables, so here’s our review. They’re a new disposable electronic cigarette, and with a name like Zig Zag, I had to try them out.
Zig Zag Disposables

I was looking through, restocking my supply of their e liquid, and noticed they have Zig Zags, and ordered the 5-pack, pictured here.

I ordered the 1.8% Regular Tobacco flavor, as they also have 2.4% (18 and 24mg nicotine respectively).

It’s a great e cig! It is hard to describe specifically if you haven’t tried a couple of the top rated brands, though I would say it is a bit like V2 and Halo, which are both great e-cigarettes.

I just paused to take a hit (pun intended), and yeah it is just a good tobacco flavor, not too overpowering, with a pretty decent throat hit!

Give them a shot if you’re looking to try out ecigs, or are looking for a nice disposable for convenience.

You can get them over at in packs of 5, either strength, and there is a menthol flavor available as well.