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You have heard of the South Beach Diet, but South Beach Smoke will be far less painful than any diet. This is an e-cigarette: that seemingly new product otherwise known as a vaporizer, but in a much smaller format.

Whereas vaporizers take up a lot of space, e cigs fit into a person’s pocket. They can be stowed in little cartons like regular cigarettes or cases like their traditional predecessors were stored in.

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South Beach Smoke Portable Carrying CaseExperience the Difference

Although they do not produce the toxins, smells, and environmental dangers related to cigarettes, the consumer still sucks back on nicotine. He also chooses a flavor he likes. South Beach does not offer a tremendous selection — just tobacco and menthol, so far — but they offer a high quality vapor for every puff.

Who knows: maybe South Beach Smoke will never come in several flavors but instead attracts the purist who chooses electronic cigs for their similarity to real smokes.

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Atomizers and Batteries

E cigarettes sound technical, and in some ways they are. The makers have used technology to produce a relatively safe product, but words like “atomizer” make them sound like a science experiment in a stick. Really it is very simple. An atomizer attaches to the end of the cigarette, the part you suck on. This is also where the cartridge containing nicotine is contained.

The atomizer ensures a smooth, uniform flavor. Not only that, but the silicone tip does not leak out its liquid, which is an embarrassing problem with some e cig brands.

The Look of the Thing

There are many things about a cigarette which attract the habitual user. They appreciate how it lights up at the end and are mesmerized by the orange flame. It is portable, convenient, and fits between their fingers neatly. Nothing can beat the “smoke” rings users blow out when they have taken a puff. They want their mouths to fill with the flavor of cigarettes and to feel the nicotine working. All of these are part of the e cig experience.

South Beach Smoke features an orange crystal at the end with a tiny LED light. It glows as a person puffs (which is how a traditional cigarette also works) and also when the battery needs to be recharged.

More Power

You get two choices of battery with your e cigs. One is the regular battery. The other carries an extra charge. What you get is decided by the starter kit you buy. A lavish starter kit contains both batteries. All kits come with a portable wall charger. If you want an adaptor for the car and plenty of “juice,” select the appropriate kit. You even select the strength you like best.

Cartridges vs. Refills

Some consumers would argue that refillable cartridges and liquid refill bottles of nicotine keep the price down and also allow the consumer to ensure consistency in flavor. At South Beach Smoke they believe in using a new cartridge every time. Although this can get expensive, they believe it is better for flavor.

South Beach also makes disposable e cigarettes. These never have to be charged or assembled. Disposables are handy if you dislike traveling with the e cigarette kit which is fairly small any way, but the smaller consumers can make things the happier they seem to be. If you are out of your normal element and your regular routine, this stops you from losing out if you forget to charge the batteries.

Buying the Goods

Order your South Beach Smoke online as you would with other e cigs. There is a 30-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on these products.

South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - Made In The USA E-Juice