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V2 Cigs are the best choice of e cigarettes overall in our experience, so the are number 1 on our top e cig brands list. If you’re looking for a top notch electronic cigarette that has stayed the test of time, with a seasoned company that’s been around for a bit, look no further.

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Electronic cigarettes are becoming more widely available all the time, with new brands and products coming onto the internet. They are an online product and V2 is considered the number-one rated brand in the United States. Its V2 Cigs get top reviews from consumers.

V2 Cigs Starter KitHow E Cigs Work

An e cig looks like a real cigarette. In many ways, it provides the same benefits: holding that cylinder between your fingers, puffing on nicotine, getting your kick and exhaling a puffy cloud.

All of this is part of the routine you have come to love, but something is missing with electronic cigarettes: the toxins. Ash is gone because nothing burns in this product. A flavor cartridge is heated using an atomizer powered by a battery. The whole thing fits into a tube the size of an ordinary roll-up.

You can puff on the cigarette to make it heat up or push a button and the same thing happens. All that you are producing is vapor, which is why you exhale a white cloud, not a grey one. For people who smoke regular cigarettes, this is why when people walk by them even when they are not smoking, they gag on the smell. It hangs on regular smokers’ hair and clothes.

V2 Products

The product an e cigarette convert looks at first is the starter kit. This contains the basic items for electronic vaporizing. A kit includes several “cigarettes,” a USB charger, battery, liquid nicotine (for cartridge refills), flavor cartridges of your choice and a wall adapter. Extra products available include a car adapter, portable charging unit, and fancy cigarette cases.

Another thing you have to choose when you go shopping is the flavor you like best, or think you will like best. As you get into e vaporizing you will take some time to find a favorite. There are three tobacco flavors available from V2 — Congress, Sahara, and Red. Three mint flavors are menthol, mint tea, and a regular mint. Other flavors are cherry, coffee, chocolate, and vanilla.

You can buy pre-filled cartridges for a no-mess, convenient way to get your nicotine buzz or opt to refill. This is the economical option, but work up to it. First, figure out which flavors you like best, then you can reduce costs and waste by refilling the juice on your own. Nicotine can be as strong as 2.4% or you can opt for 0% nicotine if you are trying to break the addictive habit entirely.

With the starter kit, you get a series of cigarettes designed to be re-used. They come apart so you can add a new cartridge, recharge the battery, etc. You can also buy disposable electronic cigarettes. They come in 5-packs or 10-packs, last for 200 or 400 puffs, and are thrown in the garbage straight after you use them. Nicotine levels are 1.8% and 2.4% and are currently in tobacco or menthol flavors.

V2 Advantages

First of all, V2 cigarettes are popular because they are eco-friendly. No more butts on the ground leaking unknown toxins into the environment. You can see by the purity of the white cloud you exhale that vaporizing is a much better option. Besides, with rechargeable batteries they last for many uses. Reduce your waste and also reduce the cost of your habit overall.

If you are comparing e cigs to vaporizing, e cigs are portable. There are portable vaporizers, but not as stylish as e cigs.

They smell good. The aroma of regular smokes is offensive, but few people would object to the odor of a chocolate flavored e cigarette.

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