V2 Cigs Review 2 – The Best E Cig Brand

Greg did a nice V2 Cigs review and for him these are hands down the best electronic cigarette for a number of reasons that he goes into in this video, where he compares it with South Beach Smoke, Bull Smoke and Smoke Free:

One really cool thing about V2, unlike the other top brands is they sell refill liquid for their cartridges. There is also a full page on their site http://v2cigs.com that shows a bunch of ways that you can refill the cartridges.

I did a quick demo of how to refill the cartridges that was on the fly as I just opened the Platinum E Liquid up live and showed how to refill them, which is a breeze. If you want to check it out you can watch the video here.

Refilling your own cartridges will save you some nice money, and the also have a referral program for additional savings when you send a friend or family. We added a short video from the company about it, you can see the video here.


V2 Cigs... Coming To A Store Near You!