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It’s funny how things come about. One day you are programming software, and your client needs you to complete a project. You require a product to try, so being a vaper you choose electronic cigarettes. Next thing you know you are so hooked on the notion of selling electronic cigarettes and better juice than the stuff currently available that you are buying products from China, making your wife angry (“you spent how much on electronic cigarettes?”), and developing your own business. You give up your old job and turn a hobby into your new profession, and a successful one at that. That is the story of MadVapes to this point.

MadVapes Review

You know a company is official when it has its own YouTube channel: anyone can join Facebook and Twitter. MadVapes has gone so far as to post tutorials on the most popular video-streaming channel in North America, if not on the planet. Here they show viewers how to vape easy electronic cigarettes and more complex models. They offer advice on how to solve problems without getting angry and throwing your tank against a wall. Watch a video and get to know these guys.

Most Popular?

According to the owners of MadVapes, their site is the most popular in the world and the biggest vape shop online. I cannot tell you if that is so: these statements can be qualified so easily so that they still ring true even under scrutiny. A point worth noting, though, is that selection here is huge. MadVapes carries a lot of goods and, during a glance at various pages, it seemed few were out of stock. Customers will often find companies selling boutique models with stock levels so low and selection of products so particular that they are always posting “out of stock” signs over product images. MadVapes sells items that they can buy in massive amounts, which also explains why their prices are so good.

The List

Here are the categories at MadVapes, broken down further when you highlight them on the site:

• Electronic Cigarettes
• Mods
• On Sale
• New
• E-Liquid
• E-Cig Parts
• DIY Parts
• Batteries and Chargers
• Innokin

Within each of those headings is typically another long list of items. You want to buy tips, coil, LEDs, a circuit board, indicators, and O-rings, etc. MadVapes has done an excellent job of organizing articles so as not to frighten the uninitiated or to overwhelm the easily over-stimulated. The site could be crammed, but it’s tidy. They carry items confident consumers use to rebuild and repair advanced models.

Mods include 3.7v, 5v, mechanical, MadVapes own, VV/VW, and Semi-mechanical mods. On their list is a 5v auto box that resembles a lock box, plus a wood box and the L-Rider Corolla.

Among electronic cigs are $2.99 REDI disposables, USB pass through cigs, and eGo kits. Juices come from Dekang, Hangsen, Lion Head, and Top Vapor (Lion Head is owned by MadVapes).


Lion Head is the expensive stuff at MadVapes. It was developed as a response to poor flavors and high prices for gourmet liquid. Lion Head is made from pure nicotine, 50/50 propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, and created by culinary experts. Their lab in Mooresville in North Carolina is AEMSA-associated, and they can produce a certificate of analysis for their juice.

I always wondered why some companies choose to bottle vapor liquid in 15ml and 30ml bottles, which seem a little large. Apparently, these are easy to trace by batch. Nicotine levels are 0, 3%, 6%, 11%, 18%, and 24%.

Dry Season is tobacco tasting like extra-dry Turkish tobacco. Kenya Canyon combines coffee and chocolate, like mocha. Pride’s Treat contains the delicious mixture of chocolate and peanut butter. Pay $8.99 for 15mls or $15.99 for 30mls: as I said, a bit pricy.

Top Vapor Flavors

Prices for these ones are broken down by volume and nicotine concentration. Starting with 10mls with no nicotine and reaching to 36mg, they cost from $2.99 to $4.49.

Butter Rum, Caramel Popcorn, and Vanutla are three rich possibilities. Cocoa Roasted Macadamia Nut sounds complex and unusual. Ultamint should be the ultimate in mint.

Simple things

There are items you cannot overlook as a vaper: things that wear out, or that you get bored with. Though you like your acrylic drip tip, it might be time to switch it for another color or style. A Splash XL drip costs $2.99 and comes in 7 colors.

Tanks wear out, so MadVapes carries more like Smoktech’s Vivi Nova Slim costing $4.99. Progressing into VV APVs is a costly experience, but MadVapes presents their own for just $50. They come in various shades of Acrylic coating.

The MadVapes Store, Charlotte North Carolina

MadVapes is expanding with more than 30 employees as of the last “About Us” update. They operate online, and customers in the area of Charlotte can walk right in for a look at stock and a chat with staff. By the looks of customer ratings, you will be glad you made the trip even if you come from out of town. Staff members have all tried the items they sell: MadVapes will not sell items they cannot personally vouch for or explain. The Charlotte store is a 5-star winner with customers and though not accredited with the BBB (a voluntary step), information supplied to the BBB has led them to give MadVapes an “A.”

More on MadVapes

Find MadVapes all over social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. They are keen to keep up conversation between themselves and customers, because social media is an excellent and personal form of advertisement. You will also notice advertising on e-cig forums and quite a lot of chat about them. Experienced vapers always suggest that you join one of these forums.

Here is where you find much of the honest information and community you will enjoy as a consumer of vaping products. There are even many informational videos and reviews posted on here, and written advice will be supplied if you need it. Another great thing about visiting certain review pages and forums is the offers that come up, including savings from MadVapes.