Mt Baker Vapor Review

Mt Baker Vapor sells hardware and you can get yourself set up with an eGo or mod from here, but the one product with their name on it, the one they are best known for, is Mt Baker Vapor E-Liquid. If you are looking for inexpensive juice to try with their competitively priced tank systems, juice that is also made in America and gets some good ratings, read this Mt Baker Vapor Review

Getting a Good Deal

Each company runs its own gimmick. Mt Baker Vapor sends out trial bottles of random flavors for people to try when they order $15 or more worth of gear. You could receive anything, maybe even your next all-day vape. Spending $15 at an online electronic cigarette shop is too easy, even before shipping and after coupon codes are subtracted.

Another point about Mt Baker Vapor is that they host a YouTube Channel. It is set up to be professional with an opening soundtrack, then a guy from the company comes on and talks about products they sell at their store. For instance, one gentleman talked about the advantages of a pass-thru battery and demonstrated how to use it. There were several other topics featured on the channel, but they were not there to promote Mt Baker Vapor juice. They use this medium to talk about the goods they carry.

E-Liquid from Mt Baker Vapor

A visual device set up by a vapor reviewer showed that Mt Baker Vapor is among the cheapest vapor juice producers in the United States, if not THE cheapest. That did not indicate they were the best, or even close, but many consumers love their products. It is astonishing to see U.S. juice sold for such a low price even after shipping is added into the price.

Some of the juices receiving online ratings have been Hawk Sauce (which is hugely popular), Ecto Cooler, and Tidal Wave. This last one is described as featuring lemon grass, mint, and honey. You will not know if this is so unless you recognize what lemon grass smells and tastes like (it’s commonly found in Thai food if that helps), but it is unusual for sure.

Hawk Sauce is good, light, and gently tart. Ecto Cooler gives off the citrus tang it advertises.

Mt Baker Vapor juices are organized into categories such as sweets, tobacco, and drinks, etc. Cinnamon Hot Tamale will deliver a punch, but Coconut Cream Pie will be like zero-calorie comfort food. Each bottle, priced $4.99, gives you 15mls.

More about the Electrical Stuff

Page one at Mt Baker Vapor is pretty full: overloaded you might say. There is a lot of information to cram into a page, and some companies do it with more panache. Still, if hiring a web page designer would put prices up, they can keep their chaos and customers will be just fine.

Items include the most popular models, such as an Innokin iTaste MVP. This nice looking box resembles a silver walkie-talkie. Not only is it priced to sell, but it is genuine, not an iTaste clone. The most you will probably pay for a single item is around $200, but when you check out the “shop by price” category, there isn’t much in that range.


Sign on to Facebook if you do not already have an account. This is where many small e-cig and vapor companies hang out, and where they spread the word about promotions. At Mt Baker Vapor, this means Flash Sales. The only way to know when they are going to have a Flash Sale is by watching that page, reading Twitter feeds perhaps, or maybe signing up for an e-newsletter. Just stay connected.

Magnificent Shipping

Whether you like Mt Baker Vapor juice or not, there is one thing you consistently hear: shipping is fast. It doesn’t seem to matter where you live. The team gets your goods out the door and you have them in your hands at least as soon, if not sooner, than you expected.

Treating Customers Right

Here is another fact about Mt Baker Vapor: they want your business and are willing to look after their clients to get it. This means making it easy to contact them through live chat. Pictures and names show that the person looking after you is a regular guy addressing you personally from the shop in Washington.