Volcano E-Cigarette Review

Notice that a number of companies in the electronic cigarette market are selling mini cigs and at least an eGo, but sometimes a mod as well. This seems like a clever trend, but one that Volcano was among the first to set. This Volcano ECigs review will go into greater detail about the three models they sell plus their extensive list of juices for use with Volcano ecigs and others tanks or blank cartridges.

The Magma Mini Cig

Magma is a fitting name for this hot product from Hawaii. The starter kit for $59.99 comes with two automatic batteries in black or white with red LED lights that glow when you puff on the cartridge. Two packages of 5 cartridges each come with the unit in your choice of flavors and strengths.

A USB charger and adaptor are included as well. A Magma Kit comes with an M-pack (also black or white), a small portable charging case resembling a pack of cigarettes. This piece holds two batteries and, if you bought it separately, would be priced $15.99. It also holds an atomizer and a cartridge.

In the list of accessories available for a Magma Kit are atomizers for $7.99, extra-strength manual batteries costing $11.99, and $9.99 manual batteries in the ordinary size. Prices are lower here than you often see for batteries from a mini e cig brand.

Pre-filled cartridges are available in Tobacco, Menthol, Kona Coffee, Waikiki Watermelon, Bluewater Punch (blueberry, watermelon fruit punch), Coocoo Coconut, Cherry Lava, Milk Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, and Pineapple Punch. Not a bad assortment, and that’s just the cartridges. The one drawback is limited nicotine choices: 0, 8mg, and 16mg.

Facing the Inferno

This is kit number two or the second phase in your vaping journey. You can skip this step if someone shows you how to use a VV or mod, but I would try vaping with an eGo style pen for a little while just to get used to its power.

The Inferno Kit contains two pass-through batteries, one 650mAh, the other with 900. Pass-through batteries can be used while they are charging. A BCT is included, resistance 1.8ohm, as well as three replacement coils. Besides the necessary chargers, 15mls of juice is included. For later, when you need these things, cones, battery caps, and O-rings are sold separately. A kit costs $69.99 and comes in several colors. Go for red, black, silver, blue, pink, or one of three new colors: purple, green, or white.

When you start looking at vapor juice sold by the bottle, your selection of flavors goes up to 42. In addition to the ones listed among pre-filled cartridges, you can also choose Sweet Tart, Surfer Soda (citrus), Halawa Guava, Hana Honeydew, and all in 0, 8, 16, or 24mg of nicotine. 15ml bottles of American-made juice cost $12.99 putting Volcano juice in the mid-range.

Prepare for a LavaTube

Watch a YouTube video and see how easy it is to assemble the latest version of Volcano’s LavaTube. Version 2.5 looks exactly like the 2.0, but it possesses one important difference: Variable Wattage. It already gave you Variable Voltage. The buttons (two small ones atop a large power/fire button) are exactly as before.

A LavaTube kit for $79.99 is packed with a 1600mAh/18650 high drain battery, comes with a lanyard clip hole and 510 connection (easy to add a tank), features two power outputs (voltage and vRMS), has a memory chip, 7ml tank, and comes in a cushioned case. Presentation is excellent and available in 10 shades besides the trademark red.

Your screen is blue, easy to read, and quite large. You also get a battery case, wonderful for preventing batteries from rolling around. The body is made of sturdy aluminum alloy.

Some Highlights

The LavaTube is easy to use: unscrew a battery casement from your power unit and slot the battery in. Polished threads make this a smooth process. The 510 threading is ideal for choosing a tank you like, whether from Volcano (they sell replacements separately) or somewhere else as 510 is a common thread.

With a memory chip on your LavaTube, the device remembers where you set voltage and wattage the last time you vaped. This is not crucial, but saves you from having to keep a log book of which voltage seemed to suit your juice best.

Juice at Volcano is top-notch: customers love it. The price is fine: not as economical as Mt Baker Vapor, but not too dear either. It’s all a matter of taste when selecting juice, but both of them are made in the United States so the source is not an issue.

One problem you might encounter when shopping online is that stock keeps running out on some items. These are popular products, perhaps not made in large enough quantities, and also carried in the United Kingdom. Dividing stock between both locations could be causing problems with processing orders for U.S. customers.

You probably noticed a pattern in pricing. The Inferno was $10 more than the Magma. A LavaTube cost $10 more than the Inferno. Remembering prices is easy, and I would say each kit is worth more than $10 beyond the previous one, although this could mean the Magma is overpriced to cover the difference. Yet I don’t think so.

And it is also convenient to choose from just one kit in multiple colors than wading through several options. This is far less confusing so long as I know which model I am ready for.

Customer service online gets thumbs-up every time. Customers are very pleased with the quality of treatment they receive. Online videos show people how to use their devices if verbal explanations are not helping.

Volcano is sold in retail locations, one in California and two in Hawaii. When you visit a store or kiosk, your impressions might change. You are dealing with different prices and stock levels, employees facing lineups, and sometimes employees who are not cut out for customer service. Online experiences are consistently fantastic, though, so if you stick with that method, Volcano will probably never let you down.