Volcano Inferno Review | Electronic Cigarette Reviews By KLKS

My Volcano Inferno starter kit arrived and I immediately did a review of it live on video after shooting a quick video unboxing the starter kit.

I was immediately impressed with the aesthetics of it, being a cool shiny blue with some nice bling :)

I have never used a tank system before. My Joyetech Ego’s have a similar battery, but they use cartridges or atomizers. After doing the unboxing video I peaked through the instruction manual, which was nice and simple, with 8 pictures, and a couple short sentences (my kind of instruction manual).

I saw that you fill the tank, and then thought I want to film this since it’s going to have e liquid in it once I fill it, and it would be cool to do one from the start. It wasn’t so bad, and was pretty simple and straight forward. It would have been even easier if I wasn’t also shooting a video and thinking of keeping it in front of the camera.

Once it was assembled, it was ready to go, as I turned on the battery, and it at least had a partial charge. It may be full, I didn’t read that part, but I did start charging the other battery, since the starter kit came with two, and that had a red light, which I’m sure means it isn’t charged, as expected.

I took a few hits live, and did enjoy it quite a bit. It is a different vape delivery than a typical atomizer or cartridge/cartomizer e cig. I enjoyed the e liquid also, whichg reminded me a bit of V2. It’s a bit different of course, and reminds me of V2 with a subtle nutty flavor.

Back to the vape quality…

I immediately developed respect for the whole tank system set ups. I didn’t like how bulky they looked, as I enjoy a sleek e cig that’s around the size of an actual cigarette, though the vape quality was great. It’s a smooth delivery, and even the rounded mouthpiece seemed to help, sort of like the whole thing with wine if you’ve ever tasted wine, with letting it breathe, swirling it around etc., it reminded me of that as it immediately struck me as a high quality way of vaping.

These are my initial impressions immediately after unboxing the starter kit, after vaping on it for a bit. So far as the look, feel and initial functioinality, it is a great product.

Their site has tons and tons of products, and it was a shade overwhelming initially, and so I ordered the kit, and scrolled down through tons of e liquid flavors and tried the standard tobacco.

I figured before I start going through flavors, I’ll check out the product, and a standard tobacco, and if it’s up to par, I’ll try some more flavors and products.

So far so good, and I will be updating this review with anything else I try from Volcano.

Here’s the video of me assembling it and trying out the e juice: