What Are The Top E Cigarettes On The Market?

There are now tons of e cigs who claim to be the ‘best e cigarettes on the market’. I think it ultimately comes down to personal preference, though I do have two that I think are the best electronic cigarettes. Quite a few of the brands we’ve tried are all really nice quality, and they all have their differences.

Update: check out our top 5 list of electronic cigarette brands

This is Martin by the way, and I’ll also be continually trying out the top-rated e cig brands to see how they fare, but there are two that I predominantly use most of the time, and quite a few others that I also use, which is just my preference, and of course we are doing reviews for the site. My personal favorites are Green Smoke, V2 and Joye (Joyetech).

There are now quite a few things you can consider when looking at various electronic cigarettes. The flavor is of course the top priority for most people, and things like battery life come a close second.

Then there are details about the actual design like colors, the weight, size, charger set up, and options that you can get, such as portable chargers, carrying cases, or even a pretty pink e cig with lots of bling.

The first one I really started liking is the Joyetech eGo/eGo-T manual battery. One of the first things about this one is how long the battery lasts, which is like 12 hours or so. It also gives a pretty good throat hit, and I think it may be slightly more powerful than a more typical e cig like the Joye 510.

The other one, which is a more typical e cig is Green Smoke. It is a bit bigger than the V2 and 510, and that is part of what I like, as the battery has a decent life.

The other two aspects are that I really like the vape, and the cartomizer lasts quite a while. Also, it is probably my favorite of the regular tobacco flavors. So far I’ve tried Red Label and Full Flavor Tobacco.

These are my top picks of electronic cigarettes, for now, and that may change if I find one I like better :)

Greg’s top picks are V2 Cigs, Bull Smoke and South Beach Smoke.